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No booking made..

I forgot to book a hotel...

This is what happened, as 'am in a hurry to journey home to my domicile country I forgot to get a hotel bookings. For you guys who wanted to see your country, don't forget to booked yourself on a hotel.   Book Here..   This linked helped me a lot, try it.

Banaue Trekking

Trekking Rice Terraces in Baguio

When I set my foot to Banaue my only thoughts was too see the world famous rice terraces of Banaue. From Baguio City we travel to Banaue for another 10-12 hrs. As we arrived I was so amazed to see this wonder, I never knew how and why, as I just started trekking the "pilapil" (path walk) of each and every layer of the terraces, it was a very overwhelming experienced to see this.

You can smell the cold fresh air. The color combination of young rice in green and ripe in golden color. Even you will fall in love when you this place. Try it... it's worth seeing.


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